Transport-Update 2023/24 & other News

Hi Racer!


Biosan Racing Events & Transport Calender for the transport 2023/2024 is ready!


The transport site on Biosan:

We have changed the MENU to have a better overview, so its more easily to find your way around

and book your transport.


Transport 1.

Special Transport:

Goes to Slovakiaring in September – then to Cartagena – then back to Slovakiaring in easter 2024.

You are going to save a lot of money on this transport.


Transport 2.

Oktober 2023

Scandinavia – Cartagena


Transport 3.

Januar 2024

Scandinavia – Cartagena


If you need a transport in February, let me know, we can make at last pickup trip, if

there any enough bikes to transport.



If you book your transport and pay before 01.June, we give you a discount from 100 Euro. 

Of course we have the normal “early bird” to, after 01. August the prices go up 10 %


Trackdays for the winter 2023/2024:

All our trackdays will be online at the end of June.


 How do I get VIP status ?

  1. Book our transport to spain
  2. Book our Birthdays events + 1 more Biosan Event
  3. Book and pay both product  before 1. August


Then you have:

  • Free storage from Oktober 23 to April 24
    Free transport from the bike hotel to Cartagena Circuito
  • Free tire change in our own events


Look at our website:


All of us in Biosan, are looking forward to see you racers again, for

the Winter-Training in Spain.