BioSan Race Events is your Partner for Trackdays Transport and Storage

We are pleased that you are coming to us. We have been in Spain, Cartagena for a long time. Since Spring 2024 we change only the Place (with 500 Meters difference).
Our service is transparent and honest, no hidden costs and above all we offer security.

Do you want transport from Norway, Sweden, Denmark or Germany? Just take a look at our offers. We offer the easy route and also there and back. Everything is insured, well organized and there is always a contact person there for you.

Do you need accommodation for your race bike? Our location in Cartagena is not far from the race track, you can see it from the Racetrack (2 min. distance). We offer outdoor space and, very importantly, our indoor space. Here you can be safe! It is monitored by cameras, it has an alarm system connected to a local security company and, above all, the indoor area is insured.

Do you want to go to the race track? Our own events are warm, familiar and that does not exclude professionalism. We cooperate with well-known and renowned other organizers. We are also very happy about that and therefore we have an extremely good offer for you.

Look forward to a relaxing winter season in Spain.

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We take you to the most beautiful racetracks in Europe and let our service spoil you.
Our home is where your heart beats faster. MotoGP race tracks under the Spanish sun, Scandinavian championships, training sessions and above all great people.

Any questions? Please, call us or send us an email!

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