Friends of Racing – the time has come. Jörg Teuchert starts every winter in Spain on different racetracks and sometimes you can meet him at our bike hotel.




Dont miss this possibility to try work with him this winter!

Race training for all motorcyclists with or without racetrack experience. Regardless of whether you are a super athlete or a tourer. Even the “normal” touring rider will be able to refresh a lot or learn new things. The aim is to make you safer on the road and on the racetrack. The lap times will then just tumble elsewhere. Promised!

Please email: and also give your phone number, and we will organize it.
This is a free service for our clients in Biosan Racing Events, not for outsiders.
Biosan Racing Events are not making money on this fantastic possibility to try be a better racer.


Jörg Teuchert Worldchampion Supersport 2000

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