BioSanTransport 2022/2023:

we bring your Racebike to Spain on two different Ways.
The result is the same.
You have safely transported your race bike!
1. Norway / Sweden
here we will stow everything neatly and secure it. The race bike and your equipment will be unloaded at BioSan Bike Hotel and properly stored in one of our long-term parking areas in our hall.
2. Denmark / Germany
please load these yourself. This means that you will be provided with a transport box for an appointment. We have given the dimensions separately below. The listed equipment should also fit in there. We have often packed it ourselves and know that it fits. This box will be stored closed at our BikeHotel in the hall until you come to Spain and unload your transport box yourself.
Information: Transport box: 2.40 x 0.90 x 1.27 m

Here your list what you have included, it makes no difference whether in a Transportbox or via BioSan-Truck:

·         1 Motorcycle (empty motorcycle for petrol and disconnect battery) A must

(Possibly empty the cooler of water, depending on how cold it gets) Your choice

·         Safety equipment such as suit, helmet, gloves and boots, etc. Perfect in a Bag! (lable on a Sticker with your Fullname)

·         2 Motorcycle Stands / Lifters, NO Central stand (label on a Sticker with your Fullname)

·         2 sets of extra tires (or 4 tires) (apply your Fullnamer with tire crayons) A must

·         1 can of petrol up to a maximum of 20 liters or 1 jerrycan (must be empty) (label on a Sticker with your Fullname)

·         4 pcs transport belts (only if you have a transportbox) A must

·         2 Boxes of 60 x 40 x 32 cm (your name is applied to the boxes) A must (lable on a Sticker with your Fullname)

NEW 2022/23

Dear client,

we want, that you have a fantanstic time in Spain and that you be happy and feel like at home. 

We know what it’s like to be on the track. And that’s exactly why we’ve done something new. 

Now you can choose extra options for each transport. It was calculated for a long time because we want to offer a fair service.

If there’s something we haven’t considered, please email us, there’s a solution for everything.

We would like to ensure a smooth and stress-free process. That’s why we use the pictures to show what’s ok and what’s a no-go.

Here you can see, what you have free, if you book a transport with us.

Here examples of Extras, please choose in the shop the extra options.

We bring it safe to spain and back!