Biosan Racing Storage Cartagena

We have been on the road for 6 years now and we are happy to be able to share a few changes with you.
We are growing and expanding our service.

We have changed location in Cartagena. The new storage offers us more space and is very close to the race track.

The outside area is protected by a wall. We also have outside areas. Everything inside is alarm-protected.


The following still applies:

All indoor storage is insured against theft, fire, lightning and water damage.

However, you are not liable for damage caused to the bike hotel. You should have a cover for your motorcycle with you as usual, so that the bike is still protected from normal dust.

All storage outside in the parking lot is without insurance.

All stays in outdoor parking lots are at the customer’s own risk/insurance

Biosan Racing Storage Birkerød & Odense

BREAKING NEWS!!! Biosan Racing Event welcomes motorcycle service workshops and garages with 

motorcycle storage on Zealand and Funen in the summer. Address: Birkerød & Odense
Storage and transport to Spain:
For roadracing customers, this will be a really good solution for those who want to go to Spain in the winter, they can deliver and collect their machines when they pass, or have them standing winter over or whole year.

Possibly. The service can be delivered/installed at Biosan before departure to Spain.
Discounts for new racing customers.
He gives 10% on service and reserves to new Biosan Racing Event customers who order transport to Spain. That’s why we give you 5% off, and free installation, see prices at:

Oil skid
skid cover kit
Brake caliper air conditioning/skid
Optimization and skid of oil in the brake system
Test bench tests
Spare parts can be ordered:
Brake pads SBS
Rear brake pads
MC brakes/shocks