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3 Trackdays at the skandinavian Raceway who is 4025m long. Enjoy a great time  with training, races, and good feeling !

06. – 08. September 2024


4 Groups

Yellow-slow | Blue-fast | Red-fast+ | Black-fast++


Anderstorp Trackline

  • 95db
  • Racetrack:
    • route length: 4018m
    • number of curves :  8

Anderstorp Raceway, previously known as Scandinavian Raceway, is a 4.025 km (2.501 mi) motorsport race track in Anderstorp (Gislaved Municipality), Sweden and the sole Nordic host of a Formula One World Championship Grand Prix, when the Swedish Grand Prix was held for six years between 1973 and 1978.

We meet us  😉

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