BioSan Race Events

We are a mixed bag of people who share the same love for Motorcycles, Roadracing and Trackdays. We are from different sides of the motorcycling worlds.

Some participating in trackdays for years, some as motorcycle shop owners, some as mechanics for some of the best riders in the modern and classic series in Denmark and Spain. Some of us are parents to young talents, and we wish for them to follow their passion in better terms then we had the ability to do.

Thats why we are more then happy to start a Danish/Nordic race camp in spain, to extend the training season up to 12 months a year, and have a solid adress to store motorcycles and equipment, close to high level racetracks. From where we can reach a plethora of race tracks years round.

With these possibilities we hope to be able to support established riders and talents in scandinavia to reach their dreams in the future.


Our nationalities are:

Danish, Swedish, Norwegian German and Spanish

We share a common dream of good racetracks, sun and heat, and a permanent abode for our motorcycles in the winter so we can cultivate our passion and love for motorcycles and cool trackdays.

We have all gotten to know each other through racing, and agree that there is nothing better than racing, fun in the pit and barbecue in the pit at evening.

Everything mentioned here, is the glue keeping us together, and we try to create a good environment for everyone to follow their passion, and have an affordable place to ride year round.