we have a lot Service for you and here is our Selection:

Van | Van with Trailer | Truck Storage

Airport service

Storage Racebike & Equipment 

Here the Overview

This will show, what we make possible. Some things you order directly at the BikeHotel.

The important info is: which Service you have for free , if you be a VIP

Storage Racebike | Motocyle Street

per Day

per Month

*from October to April

€ 8.00

€ 35.00


BioSan VIP

Free for VIP*

Service at the BikeHotel                                

Electric per day

Washmachine per use

Bath / Shower per use

Rent a Transportbox per month

Storage rent a palet per month

Use our Workshop per hour (1-6h.)

Use our Workshop per day (6h. or more)

€ 4,00

€ 2,00

€ 2,00

€ 20,00

€ 20,00

€ 10,00

€ 100,00

BioSan VIP

Free for VIP

Transport from the BikeHotel to different Circuits   

*Price is ONEWAY

Special Offer? Please ask us!


Valencia*  min. 4 Racebikes or rent a Van from us

Jerez*  min. 4 Racebikes or rent a Van from us

Portimao*  min. 4 Racebikes or rent a Van from us

Aragon*   min. 4 Racebikes or rent a Van from us

Barcelona*  Min. 4 Racebikes or rent a Van from us


€ 130,00

€ 150,00

€ 200,00

€ 300,00         

€ 250,00

€ 325,00

€ 30,00

Van & Trailer Rental *

*Incl. insurance and own risk with damage of 1000,00 €.

Deposit 1000,00 €       

Van per day

Trailer per day 



BioSan VIP

15% Discount for VIP

For other wishes ask us, please


All indoor storage is insured against theft, fire, lightning, water damage.

however, not for damage occurred at the bike hotel, make sure any. a cover for your motorcycle.

All storage outside in the parking lot is on is without insurance.

All stays on parking outside are at the customer’s own responsibility / insurance