4 Trackdays Cartagena

Enjoy a great Racetrack in Spain ! Cartagena is one of the famous Trainings-Racetracks.

102dB | Cartagena Trackline

  • Racetrack:
    • route length: 3506 m
    • number of curves :  right 10 | left 8
  • Restaurant / Imbiss
  • Shower
  • Tyre Service
  • Photoservice


The track, built in 1992 and modernized again in 2004, is probably the classic for winter training in Spain. Technically quite demanding and varied, the 3.419 km long course is characterized by 18 curves of various radii and some differences in altitude. Located in one of the sunniest regions just an hour south of Alicante, Cartagena also offers tourist highlights with its old town, the deep sea port and the Mar Menor , famous for his salt-lakes.

We meet us  😉

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