Storage Racebike #1


The base offer is one Month for the Racebike or Pitbikes + the Base Equipment
We recommend covering the race bike. The clothing and helmet should be stored in a bag or something similar.

On the Palet (80x120x100 cm ) get for example:

  • Safety equipment such as Leathersuit, helmet, gloves and boots, etc.
  • Motorcycle lifters max. 2
  • 1 petrolcan or 1 jerrycan
  • 2 euro boxes of 60 * 40 * 32 cm (your name is applied to the boxes)
  • 2 sets of extra wheels (or 4 tires)

For more time, space for tyers, or renting a closed Transporbox (for your Bike & Parts) ect.,
at our Storage in Cartagena, you choose what you need.