2 Days at Racetrack in Polen. Enjoy this beautiful Track.

05. – 06. September 2022





Groups: 4 Groups

Training 6 TURNS

  • Track:
    • 98dB !
    • route length: 4083 m
    • Curves total: 14 Left:5 Right:9
  • YOU CAN ORDER FULL FOOD at the Track (per Day without Alcohol, later you can have Beer)

Sunday: BBQ
Monday: breakfast, pasta lunch and dinner
Tuesday: breakfast and lunch
Drinks: water, juice & coffee in the evening beer

  • Shower


There is a beautiful race track in Poznan, Poland. The right course is 4083 meters long, 12 meters wide and has very good grip. The flowing course has 7 right and 6 left turns. The paddock offers both paved parts with a total of 20 boxes, but there is also a part on the meadow.

Electricity is accessible throughout the paddock. The boxes are spacious (8 motorcycles) and also have separate power connections.

Sanitary facilities are available and were redone in 2021.


We meet us  😉


Here you finde the CIRCUIT POZNAN

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