2 Days at the Famous GP Racetrack in Hockenheim. Enjoy this beautiful Track.

09.-10. May 2022




Groups: 4 Groups | each 6 Turns

Yellow Laptime > 2.05min | Red Laptime 1.58-2.05min | White < 1.58min | Green- Intruction


98dB | Hockenheimring Trackline

  • Grand Prix Track:
    • route length: 4574 m
    • number of curves :  10  rights | 7  lefts
  • Restaurant
  • Shower
  • Tyre Service
  • Moto Parts


What can you say? The legend amongst racetracks is regarded as one of the best-known tracks in Germany, maybe even in the world. It is a real challenge for racing and sport riders. The exciting curcuit with the famous Parabolica still and repeatedly appeals! At Speer Racing you can choose from the full breadth of our offerings at the Hockenheimring. From Rookie to Racer – there’s something for everyone! Our popular afterwork training also takes place here regularly!

We meet us  😉


Here you finde the CIRCUIT Hockenheim

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